Ëvoe Records

Music change my world everyday.


An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discoveries, for people, for life.

Dear Guest

Welcome to our label

Ëvoe Records has been launch in march 2015. Ëvoe defines unique projects and titles bringing to life true spirit of music, interesting stories hidden in the past, and music which evokes memories connected with the particular remarkable personsalities.

Each publication is the fruit of a long work of improvement, and above all, of a particular relationship between the performers, the recorded music & the Ëvoe team.

Each release is treated as a piece of art. Therefore label is working with the team of selected sound engeneer, artist designers and musicologists, to make each release unique.

Booklets are translated to 5 languages, to reach our friends from many different corners of the World. 

What does Ëvoe means?  Ëvoe is a joyful exclamation of bacchantes in the procession of Bacchus :

Chorus of Bacchantes ( Monteverdi – L’Orfeo) 
Evoe! Father Lyæus,
we call on you with clear voices,
Evoe! Happy and laughing
we praise you, father Lenæus,
now that we have our hearts filled
with your divine fury.

(The following text is found exclusively in the scores of 1609 and 1615)

Ëvoe Records starts with a musical adventure. Working with prominent artists, building up close relation with the music, composers, and artists, searching for new quality of sound, and new esthetique  in each style.

Hope that the need of music fragility and sensitivity, will never end, giving new sensations and unforgettable moments.

– Stefan Plewniak & Ëvoe team


Passion never die. It grows
stronger every day.

Every CD tells a story. Ëvoe Records Team is delighted to dedicate you the newest album of the Ëvoe label. Carnevale di Venezia   recorded with fantastic singers Natalia Kawalek – mezzosoprano,  Jakub Józef Orliński – contratenore & Miriam Albano – mezzosoprano as well as flourishing orchestra Cappella dell’Ospedale della Pietà will be a unique journey to Venice in the first few decades of XVIII century. This collection of opera arias and ouvertures will lead you to fresh and energetic interpretations of the most amazing operatic pieces of Vivaldi. To hear the samples please check our website. You can find this CD in the music stores already in December 2016, or order in online sale. We wish you wonderful moments with this splendid music, and invite you to be our regual guest. New release coming soon.